We often find our rooms to be very boring. Sometimes a complete transformation from plain and boring to vibrant and charming room gives you a complete personality transformation. You feel so good to be in your room. In this article, I will be telling you several ways to spice up your room, some of them are organizational tips, and some of them are like decorative tips. These are all inexpensive DIY, and you will definitely love your room after this transformation.

Try to keep your room neat and tidy. Organize your daily need stuff in a convenient way where you can easily find them at your finger tip. Try to keep the things back to their place so that you can get them whenever you need.

Product Organizational Idea

Organize all your body products and body sprays and categorize them so that you can easily take the one you need without knocking the other one. There are certain random things spread all around our room. Collect and put them in a candy jar. Sometimes you find your desk to pretty crazy. You can get a basket and small buckets and organize your pencils, pens, markers and sketches in them. Keep a little trash bin. If you’ve got a room for a bookcase, try your hand at this impressive IKEA hack.


DIY Heart Photo Collage

Make a heart shaped photo collage. Get your best and most loved photos and arrange them in a heart shape on the wall and paste using double sided tape. There comes a hot photo collage, and you will definitely love your wall.

DIY Glitter Heart Votives

All you need are glass jars. Get a sticker paper and draw a heart and cut it out using a pair of scissors. Paste it on the wall of the jar and using spray paints (glitter) spray the color on the jar. Remove the heart and pour some beads and finally drop a flameless LED light inside the jar. It will add beauty and gorgeous looks to your room when the lights are off.

 A Place To Sit

A marvelous location to sit down will aid you when you want to relax and have ample moments of conversations. Make your room look vibrant by using DIY woven, round, chevron-patterned, artisanal, and cross-stitched or a coiled-wool pouf serving a firm and comfortable place to sit. These styles are also enough to add great up flavor to your dull room.

Last but not the least is a having a great mattress in your room.

A Great Mattress: DIY Pompom Rug

A perfect mattress possesses the quality of keeping you calm and gives you great relaxing feel. You could have every single item on this list to flavor up your room, but it won’t be complete without a flawless mattress. When you are feeling fatigue, a soft velvety touch of the mattress makes you feel relieved and content.

So this is a part of the stuff that you can do to spice up your boring and plain Jane room.